Romaji to hiragana converter

Note: Type words 'wa' and 'o' as 'ha' and 'wo', because that's how they are written in japanese.
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Written by Bisqwit (

Syllable list is also available. It lists all the katakana/hiragana syllables.
It is available sorted another way too. A shorter list is there too. Some other versions also...

Errors, if you find, report to me via email.

Source code is available (php). It might interest you, as it is short (~340 lines (well, once was)), but contains hiragana encoding in iso-2022-jp, euc-jp, shift_jis and unihtml (without external programs), plus a quite elegant parsed table for romaji to hiragana conversion. It could be easily extended to support different romajizations, and has a theoretic support for katakana.